Sherry Mayle


How Weed Delivery Helped Me Come Out to Mom


 The Bold Italic 2019

When I was in high school, Mom picked me up from school two hours early for being gay. “What are you?” she asked me. “Some kind of queer?”

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I Faked Epilepsy as a Child to Get Attention

epilepsy-header credit:

Narratively 2018
When we arrived at the neurologist’s office, I ran to the bathroom and pretended to have a seizure. For the past two months, I’d been faking seizures to get out of chores and high school, so it was a habit..

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Black Ops For Jesus


The Rumpus 2017
“Did you know that sonofabitch hit Ruby in the back of the head with a shovel?”

Mom had a habit of referring to everyone, even her own children...

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My Dad's Dead Mistress


Rumblefish Quarterly 2017
Mom loved to tell the story about how she almost killed Dad. “I grabbed that butcher knife and I told him, ‘You take one more step and I'll..."

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